PRX is a lifestyle. NOT a brand.


As a full-service, results-driven fitness studio, PRX provides rapid results in the safest and most effective way to build and tone muscle for a strong, lean physique.


The best of the best

PRX has an undeniable history of transforming lives and bodies, working with clients at all different fitness levels and with varying goals. Whether looking to lose weight, improve condition, or help define lean muscle, our X-treme transformations are simply incomparable. 


Coaches who care

With the attention of the most experienced coaches in the nation, we’re here to teach the most progressive, functional, resistance-based classes that combine tempo-driven cardio conditioning, body building, and high intensity training (HIT). Our coach support pays close attention to each individual’s special needs, goals, and work to help you push beyond your limits.

Our Studios

PRX offers specialized 1-hour group training classes, along with our nationally-recognized, 14-day challenge ready to take your fitness, mind, and body to the next level. We offer a variety of classes, ranging from targeted exercises for each muscle group, to strength training, sports conditioning, and cardio. Our goal is to provide our members with best-in-class, challenging classes leaving you stronger, more energized, and more conditioned than when you first walked in through our door.